A Bold Step Forward For Vaping

Although vaping has made huge strides into the mainstream conscience over the last few years, it’s still quite rare that a long-established institution promotes the use of e-cigs. That’s why the latest news that the famous Men’s Health fitness magazine has actually endorsed vaping officially as a useful tool for quitting smoking has resulted in celebrations throughout the vaping community. This is great news, especially when bearing in mind the consistent demonization of e-cigs in the media in recent times. No wonder that the fact that such a respected publication has had a positive reaction to vaping has been received as truly noteworthy.

Men’s Health holds the title of most widely distributed men’s fitness magazine worldwide, with around 40 editions being published across 47 countries across the glove. It has around 38 million viewers on its website each month, and of course, there are millions of people who subscribe to the hard copy. So when such an iconic magazine runs a story which glorifies vaping, surely it is an indicator that finally public perceptions surrounding vaping and e-cigarettes is starting to change for the better.

The Columbia University Study

The article which endorses the use of e-cigarettes to help stop smoking was published on 17th August 2017 as part of a report about a study carried out by Rutgers and Columbia University. This research showed that smokers who make the switch to vaping on a daily basis have a three times greater chance of being able to permanently quit the habit that a smoker who has never used e-cigs. The same study also claimed that people who vape every day have more than a 50% success rate when it comes to quitting smoking..

Men’s Health’s Opinion

In the August 17th article, Men’s Health endorses the use of e-cigarettes by anyone who is keen to give tobacco the elbow, stating that non-smokers are not only richer but also statistically happier. While this may seem innocuous, there is something truly surprising about this revelation, and that is that as recently as last year, Men’s Health seemed to have a very different viewpoint about the use of e-cigs. In a March issue published in 2016, there was an article which stated that the only good way to stop smoking was just to go cold turkey – a completely opposing viewpoint! Not only that, but the March 2016 article was put into print at the very peak of the modern vaping phenomenon as well as being released straight after the announcement of the FDA’s deeming regulations.

Nevertheless, whatever the reasons for this change of heart, it is a cause for delight among supporters and promoters of vaping everywhere. When a major news organisation such as Men’s Health show that they’re not afraid to finally change their mind about vaping and publically endorse the use of e-cigarettes, anything must be possible! Now the community are waiting with baited breath to see what the next development will be. Who knows which major player will endorse e-cigs next!