Top Tips For Summer Vaping

If you’re a seasoned vaper, you’ll already be aware of the problems that you’re likely to have when the warmer weather comes around, however if you’ve only just switched to using e-cigs, the issues associated with summertime vaping may have come as a bit of a surprise. Safety is always essential when vaping, and hot conditions can lead to potentially dangerous situations as well as unexpected negative effects on your e-cig components. In this article, we look at some top tips that will help to improve your vaping experience at this time of year.

What Problems May I Find With Summer Vaping?

The warm temperatures that you experience during the summertime can result in several problems, some of which are merely irritating and others which are potentially hazardous. Extreme temperatures can cause your e-liquid to deteriorate in quality, and worse, they can even cause your vape pen’s battery to explode. If the mercury is rising and has crept over 80 degrees this summer, you need to take care when vaping.

Keep Your Batteries Cool

One of the most important things that you can do on hot days is to keep your e-cig batteries away from high temperatures and out of the direct sunlight. If your battery overheats, it can explode and therefore your should never leave your mod or battery in your car or by a window as the intense heat generated could be extremely dangerous.

Even if the worst doesn’t happen, very high temperatures over 100 degrees can actually cause damage to a lithium-ion battery, shortening its lifespan exponentially. If your battery is likely to be exposed to high temperatures for an extended period, always take care to give it regular breaks to ensure that overheating doesn’t occur and the power doesn’t drain too quickly. If your mod has an in-built battery, charge it with a charger that is plugged into the wall if possible, or charge for short burst before you vape.

Protect Your E-Liquid From The Heat

When storing your e-liquid in the summer, you need to think about keeping it cool and away from direct sunlight. While it may not be the first thing that you think about, remembering to take your bottle of e-juice out of your car and storing it away from the windowsill will help to protect it from being ruined. Extremely high temperatures can cause the e-juice to begin to break down, increasing its viscosity which means that your tank will clog up more easily.

Not only that, but if you e-liquid is overheated, the nicotine content can be broken down and this will affect how it tastes and also its effectiveness during vaping. Discolouration of your e-juice means that damage has already occurred, and you should therefore always take care to store your bottles of e-liquid in a cool place and away from any location with elevated temperatures. If you have soaked coils, you should remember to keep these in a cool place too, and if you are travelling with your vape, invest in a small insulated cool bag to store your filled tanks and e-juice while on the go.

Follow these tips and you’ll find that the quality of your vape won’t suffer even on the hottest days and you’ll be sure to vape safely during the summer.