Quit Smoking with Electronic Cigarettes

When someone decides to quit smoking, I mean really decides to quit, what are the options available to them? I think for most people the thing that comes to mind almost immediately is the nicotine patch or the nicotine gum. Of course this is just a result of years of marketing and years of those two options being drummed into people’s heads. Today however there are more options than ever before, and unless you actively look for them you will not find them unless someone else shows you what they are.

Among the various quitting aids that exist there are two that are in my opinion the absolute best ways to achieve that goal. Keep in mind that my opinion on these are based on my own personal experience as I have thoroughly tried both. These are the medication called Chantix and the Electronic Cigarette.

Quit smoking one way or another

Once you made up your mind to undergo this adventure you should make some sort of plan for yourself. You need to think this through in the sense of how you will handle the various situations that you will encounter. Things such as being around other smokers, or how you will deal with NOT smoking during times in which you would routinely have a cigarette. These are not easy things to deal with for anyone and for most people it is these scenarios that will almost always start them smoking again.

Chantix has a really good track record. When I was using Chantix it had helped me to quit fully for about 4-5 months. The only thing that is worth being aware of are the side effects. Do not underestimate the side effects of this medication! They are real and they are also real dangerous, or they could be. Either way, make sure that you read up on them and that you are aware of what the possibilities are. I know everyone is different and everyone reacts differently to medications in their system but for me the side effects were enough to make me stop using Chantix even though it had succeeded in helping me to quit smoking.

This brings us to the Electronic Cigarette with premium e-liquid. Now this is a way to quit smoking that has some people a bit confused. The reason for this is the fact that in many people’s minds you are still smoking. They see the electronic cigarette as nothing more than an alternative way to smoke. They see it as a replacement, as if you are replacing tobacco cigarettes for electronic cigarettes but either way you are still smoking. Let me tell you right now that none of this is the case. Sure, it looks like smoking and it can even feel like smoking, but you are NOT smoking. Let me explain why.

With a regular tobacco-based cigarette you are burning the tobacco and inhaling the smoke. The tobacco that is being burned however is not just tobacco. During the processing of the tobacco leaf over 400 other chemical additives are added to the tobacco in various ways and for various reasons. Either way, the point is that the chemical that are added are all dangerous.

This is a fact, that literally 100% of what is added to the tobacco you are smoking is dangerous to the human body. None of the chemicals are natural and none of the chemicals can be processed by the human body in such a way as to make them inert. Because of this the added chemicals bring a certain level of toxicity to the tobacco based cigarette that cannot be matched by anything else that we do as humans. It kind of makes you wonder why we would smoke in the first place.

So this brings us to the electronic cigarette. When you smoke an electronic cigarette you are actually inhaling a vaporized mixture of food-grade propylene glycol (which the FDA and other health organizations classify as harmless) or vegetable glycol, water and nicotine. So compare this to the extremely toxic tobacco cigarettes and everything that is included within them. When you “vape” with an electronic cigarette you are essentially only putting nicotine and water vapor into your body. When you exhale all that comes out of your body is what is left of the water vapor.

So when someone is looking to make comparisons between the two it is fairly simple to see which is “safer”. So for those who claim that by using the electronic cigarette to quit you are only replacing one for the other, yes this is true. However, there are many reasons why this would be preferable to the many other options available. A smoker might still be “smoking: in a sense but they are no longer in danger of adding numerous toxic chemicals to their body, not to mention whatever damage they might have been doing to those around them with secondhand smoke. This being the case, I would think that this would be highly preferable to smoking tobacco. This should also be preferable to the other methods used to quit traditionally because they simply do not work. The statistics support this fact because most people who “quit” with the patch, gum, or medication usually return to smoking shortly after.

No more Tobacco

So quitting with the help of the electronic cigarette IS QUITTING. You are taking a step in the right direction. You are still putting nicotine into your system which in itself is a toxic chemical. But you are eliminating 400 plus other toxic chemicals. So even if you continue to “vape” for years after quitting tobacco you are in a much safer position than you were previously. Your lung functions return, your breathing, smell and taste all return to normal. Basically everything that you had lost because of smoking will return to you even if you continue to use an electronic cigarette. What about that does not sound like quitting?

The main point here that I am trying to get across is this. If you stop smoking tobacco-based cigarettes yet continue to use electronic cigarettes you can say that you have quit smoking!

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